Augusta, Maine
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You Have A Choice
Enjoy the Freedom of Choice

Thanks to deregulation, consumers like you get to decide which energy supplier is best for their needs. Doing research and shopping around, just like you’re doing now, is the right first step.

Added Benefits for Being Our Customer

Price Stability

Looking for price stability and want to pay the same rate every month? No problem. We offer a variety of fixed-rate and long-term options to help you manage your expenses.

My Account

Major Energy’s website now has the ability toLOGINto your account and see if you are up for renewal if you are a Major customer.

Superior Customer Service

Whether you choose to call them or email them, our representatives regularly go above and beyond to get our customers what they need.

Augusta, Maine
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Major Values

We promise to live up to the ideals on which this company was founded: Be the energy supplier that cares, provide superior customer service and work to ensure customer satisfaction 100% of the time.

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Smart Home Transformation

Enroll with us and we’ll transform your simple home into a smart home with a series of devices that fit your needs.

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A Houston based company founded in 2005, Major Energy is familiar with the energy needs of our customers. Major Energy’s management has combined decades of experience in the energy retail marketplace with dedication and passion to help residential and business customers manage their energy costs. Unlike any other ESCO, Major Energy will not only put the customer first but will also give you tools to manage and monitor your energy consumption and control your costs.

Contact us to get started.

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12140 Wickchester Ln Suite 100, Houston, TX 77079
Phone: 1-888-625-6760

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